Pete Feigal knows a thing or two about conflicts and struggles.

Pete was diagnosed at 12 with major depression, was locked away in a closed Mental Hospital for a year at 15. After returning home, the perceived pity and shame of his school and community drove him to leave at 17 and he did not return home for almost 20 years. He suffered through the wild highs and devastating lows of Bi polar disorder (Manic Depression).

His body has endured motorcycle crashes, burdens of serious mental illness and now the ravages of multiple sclerosis (MS) for the last 17 years. Now after decades of struggle Pete has come to see his life in a whole new way. It has become for him “a gift to be opened- not a problem to be solved”. He sees his hardships as teachers and meditations in his life “wanted or not!”. He is now able to share the insight and wisdom “of people much greater and stronger than me” to give the gift of hope through humor and heartbreak to all who are willing to listen.